$5.00 - $45.00

We have a variety of different sages 4-5 inch long ! Our most rare sage and are more expensive compared to our basic sage ! Please explore and enjoy!

Lavender sage: for relaxing and purifying

Eucalyptus:great for protection and healing, encourages emotional balance, a stimulant and removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness, strengthens concentration, stimulates blood flow and can encourage visions as it awakens the spirit.

Rose petal sage: this sage is meant for love! Rather if it’s for yourself, loved ones or even relationship! Want to move on, forgive and be the best love able you? This is your sage !

Juniper sage: has a great lemon scent! Meant for transitions and néw beginnings (manifesting) ! Also great for making sage places for those with anxiety. Want to reset your life?

Black/mugwort sage: perfect for a good nights sleep, enhances moods, improves physic powers and protects you from negative energies!

Rosemary sage: Best for those with depression and anxiety! inner thoughts getting to you? Want to get rid of bad energy in your space? Or better yet attract success and wealth? Start a new path in life? Add Rosemary to your cart.

Blue sage: day not going well? Or woke up on the wrong side of the bed? want a mini reset? This sage cleanse negative energy, bring wealth, health, prosperity, healing, and calm to your life!

Yerba Santa: This sage smells sweet! Just gone through a breakup or friend breakup?(which is even worse!) burn some Yerba Santa! Meant for purification, healing and love ❤️

Piño Pine sage: Also know as the all purpose sage! Has a cleansing, strengthening and healing energy!
Piño Pine comes from an evergreen tree that originates from southwest America.
All variety sage package is 1 of each of what we have in stock !